Friday, March 30, 2012

texture & pattern

My art class assignment was to explore the concepts of texture & balance and create a 9x12 sample board composed of 48  1½" squares. The pieces needed to function individually and as part of a whole.

As you can see, the color wheel inspired my project.

I started off thinking I was going to focus on food patterns and texture, but was drawn to a couple of the rainbow images - especially the watch face and the colored chopstcks.

I struggled with how to create a color wheel out of a an 8x6 grid until I realized that if I used the rainbow images in the center 4 blocks, I would have an outer rim of twelve squares. Twelve squares are perfect for highlighting the primary, secondary and tertiary colors.

By using the two outside columns to highlight neutral colors, I have a 6x6 square of color in the middle that feels anchored and in balance.

The biggest struggle was finding the four rainbow images for the center panels. I loved the "Mexico" image and finally decided to manipulate it to fit my 1½" square space - it replaced an image of multiple balloons that just didn't feel right.

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  1. Who knew "inchies" were college level material. hee hee Great job! Very creative and the colors are fantastic.

  2. Wow what a cool grid! Love what you did....what a fun class it must be! :)


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