Friday, March 23, 2012

sun powered

well, almost . . . the panels are up and the wires have been run. We just need to get things connected and soon we will be solar powered in this house!

The space available on our south facing roof is really limited, so the panels are split into two sections. I thought I had a photo with all 12 panels, but this shows the layout of the front six - there is another 6 just to the right (east) of these.

When we bought our WA house, previous owners had run phone and cable wires outside the house and into bedrooms and the living room. If you have ever seen twine wrapped numerous times around a package, you have an idea of how that house looked. I can't begin to tell you how much dear husband hated the look. One of the first home improvement projects that he took on was to rewire what we needed through the crawl space and walls. He then cut & remove all the wires wrapping around the house.

Given that history, you know that with this solar project, there was no way dear husband was going to put up with wires running across the roof and down the outside wall of the house. It definitely takes a little more effort up front: I had to deal with worker men crawling around inside all week and they had to deal with our limited attic space, roof joists, rafters and other challenges. In the end, the only exterior evidence of our new power source are the panels on the roof.

We just need our utilitiy's blessing to connect the inverter to the panel and their system and the sun will be powering most of our electrical needs!

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  1. Now I have to do this and to keep up with you! At the very least, it will be more money to buy scrap supplies! hee hee


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