Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Something fun is coming in September . . .

I have a a fun announcement to make today. Do you remember Gloria Stengel's Craft Hoarders Anonymous Challenge Blog? Well, designer commitments, family demands and life in general conspired to keep her from continuing the challenge blog, but Gloria missed the opportunity to encourage everyone to dig into their crafty hoard and USE it!!

I am so guilty of collecting more paper crafting supplies than I use and am thrilled to share some exciting news!


Welcome! On the 5th of every month, starting September 5th, a fantastic group of hoarding crafters will be participating in an inspirational Monthly Blog Hop! We will share projects with you, show you how we are using up our hoarded supplies, and encourage you to dig into your own stash! Our goal is to inspire you to USE IT UP!

Each month, you will start at Gloria Stengel's Blog and hop through 20 amazing blogs. The participating crafters will share projects in all styles and media types, using both old and new product! Some designers will share tutorials; some will share storage solutions; some will share how to use your scraps and leftovers; some will share videos. There is a wealth of experience and creativity among these crafters! Many of the designers are on popular manufacturing teams and a few are part of exceptional challenge blogs. I hope you will take the monthly journey with us, and DE-HOARD your supplies!

Here is the list of the participating Bloggers. Make sure to hop along and say hello! We will share our first projects on September 5th!

I am honored to be included with these creative and talented designers and hope you will join us on September 5th!

Thanks for stopping by,



  1. Sounds wonderful, I look forward to your inspirations!

  2. You'd think, being a new-ish stamper, that I wouldn't have much hoarded? Not so much... I wasn't aware of this challenge in the past, but am so happy to know now, Jacquie... congratulations!
    =] Michele

  3. Congratulations, Jaquie!!! Enjoy!!!
    Have a great day!!!!

  4. Very much looking forward to September 5th! Congrats to you too!! And, who me?, hoard?!! That's one giant yes, lol!! Bev

  5. I am so happy you said YES when I asked you to join our group of! You know how much I admire your style and I cannot wait for more people to discover what I already know...that you are a PAPER GENIUS!!!


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